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Sinitta is the ambassador of  Alternative Parenting Show and talks a little about becoming a Foster Mum.


SINITTA is becoming a foster parent and is already preparing to look after her first baby.

The So Macho singer is mum to Zac, ten, and Magdelena, 11, who she adopted after suffering miscarriages, going through gruelling rounds of IVF and losing twins who were being carried by a surrogate.Now she is planning to expand her family again by fostering, although initially she was worried she would find the process too hard.

“I am actually in the process of fostering a baby,” she told The Sun Online.

“Obviously I’m an older mum now, and somebody said something the other day. They were talking about a homeless person they’d helped on the street who was on the brink of death and basically they were able to help them for the last three weeks of their life and get them medical care and assistance and attention and love basically.

“It had a sad ending to the story because the person did die at the end, it was a homeless child, and they said, ‘Look, this is the most love I’ve experienced in my life, the care you’ve given me these last three weeks.’

“And so I’ve been struggling with the idea of fostering, thinking if I foster a child would I be able to give the child back to its mother or up for adoption when the time came?

“Then, hearing this story, I realised you know what? What about just being an answer to a need.

“Rather than thinking about how difficult it would be for me to give the child up, what about being that person who gave that child three months, six months, of love and care and a great start in life, before they’re with their forever family.

“It’s something I think I could do.”

Now she’s decided to give fostering a go, Sinitta is sure it’s the perfect choice for her.

She loves the idea of having more children, but has always been practical because of the kind of work she does.

She said: “When you’re an entertainer you don’t have that constant guaranteed job, you have to go where the work finds you. I don’t want to find myself in a position where I’ve got a newborn baby and I’ve got a job and how am I going to make this work?”

“But I’ve decided to start fostering, fostering a baby. Just to give them a good start. Maybe their mother needs to be in rehab or whatever, their circumstances aren’t good at the time, until the family or the parent are on their feet and able to give the child a home.

“I’d like to be an ongoing answer to the situation, but start with one and see how it goes.

“I’m not ruling out adopting again completely, but the idea is to foster children and give them a great start.”

Sinitta is speaking about her plans as she is keen to raise awareness of the different ways people can have a family.

She’s ambassador for the Alternative Parenting Show, which is taking place in London on Saturday September 24 .

It’s in its fifth year and is Europe’s biggest family planning and fertility event.


Source: The Sun Online


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